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Cairns Just Wanna Have Fun!

Ashwood Kenric's Surf Chaser AX, OAJ, NF, CGC (Logan) and Ch. Marquees Yellow Jacket JE, NAJ (Jackie)
live on Long Island with Heather and they compete in agility, earthdog and anything else you can think of!

Housatonic Cairn Speciality 2011

June 2011, Josie goes Winner’s Bitch and then Best of Opposite Sex over 5 Champion bitches
 to get her 5-point goblet win. What an exciting day in stormy conditions.
You can watch the video of the Winner's Bitch Class here >>
Are Cairns Good With Kids?
A question that is asked of us all the time. Absolutely! But like any situation, it depends on the Child, the dog, and the parents dedication to training and supervision.

Dogs can teach children a lot about responsibility, compassion and caring for another living being—but Children must be taught the boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable behavior around dogs.

Brendan and Ellie, Ashwood Kenric’s Defying Gravity, are best friends forever
- she was there first but as you can see, he fit right into “her” pack!